Our Home In Nature

discovering a new place...

It was a few years ago -after working with, for, and side-by-side our local communities- that we realized how nature helped us reconnect with ourselves, friends and family. 

 We decided to look for a space where we could enjoy and share the simple magic of our natural world. A place where we can connect with nature and return to those simple moments in life, feeling grounded and inspired. 

In this quest, we discovered a new purpose and a space where we can step away from the path and feel inspired by the Canadian outdoors, finding ourselves at home, enjoying the essence of nature. 

Our purpose takes us beyond discovery. It takes us back to our communities and opening the doors for them. 

North Frontenac Lodge is now a space for joy and discovery. To slow down and take on an adventure. A space for everyone to enjoy the collective magic of a classic Canadian experience. 

Two girls in a canoe pointing to the sunset over Mosque Lake

The Lodge

It doesn’t matter what direction you come from -it’s always a scenic drive! North Frontenac Lodge is located in the beautiful village of Ompah, in the township of North Frontenac, Ontario. The region is known for its natural beauty, lush forests and beautiful lakes. It’s a perfect location for a peaceful getaway.

The lodge is located in a 3-acre property within the forest, in a space where nature takes centre stage. With direct access to to Mosque Lake on both sides of the property, from any of our five cabins you can have fun with different water sports and adventures, or relax next to a fire and enjoy the amazing sunsets over the lake.

North Frontenac Lodge came to life after working on our five 1940s fishing log cabins, and getting them ready for a unique experience. These log cabins are fully equipped for a comfortable stay, providing you with a simple but magical experience. 

We Would Love To Hear From you!

If you have any questions, comments or want to plan an adventure, send us a message!
We love hearing from our community and help them make new memories in nature!